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Leslie Blackshear Smith

writer, vocalist, musician, student. This site is under construction. It will grow as I do.

A message From Leslie:
636 Music LLC was formed to give a voice to me, and others from New Orleans who write and create original music. New Orleans has been in the business of creation for a long time. My hometown holds a special reputation for originality, uniqueness, passion, art, food, music, outspokenness, and extra garlic. We are also the birthplace of truly original characters that are recognizable as New Orleanians no matter where you run across them in the world. These are the folks that I grew up with and these folks are my family.

My father, Michael P. Smith, devoted his life to documenting these artists and citizens of New Orleans and Louisiana through his photography. He cared so much about what he called the "Cultural Wetlands" of the inner city. He cared about art and about freedom. So do I.

636 Music LLC will be putting its focus on talented people from New Orleans and others within the Louisiana State lines who have something to say and good tools to communicate with.  It will also act as a clearing house for original songs and clear content that I am a part of.

In time, when my brethren have solid ground to stand on, we may cross the state line or even an ocean and represent others, but for now we're strictly local.

I want the world to hear what I hear all around me all the time. I want the world to hear my wonderful family of creative geniuses that thrive here artistically but struggle financially. And they just aren't heard enough. I've been blessed to hear so many musicians that most of you will never be exposed to. Sadly, many artists from New Orleans are never recorded, or if they are, the recordings are so limited that you'll never really get the scope of what these artists were about. I could make a very long list, but it would be too sad.

If through efforts of mine, some of these great folks can be documented and their voices can be heard, I will be very happy to have been part of making that happen.

All of my friends and fans have been asking me for years to do a jazz record, so I am christening this new venture with an original, 12 inch vinyl LP. I've tried to create songs that sound like standards, which is to say well-written songs that someone other than me might be interested in interpreting. This first effort is titled Race Street Jazz Vol:1. Each vinyl record will have a coupon inside for one free download of the entire record, so those of you that don't have turntables can still have access to the music. I must say though, when I listened to the test pressings I was amazed at the additional sonic footprint that lives in the medium. I had forgotten how good vinyl sounds! I'm posting the artwork so you all can take a look, and will be posting information on how to purchase our first product shortly.

Stay tuned!!